For high-quality handcrafted flavor, all you have to do is pour.

Infused Cocktails in 3 easy steps


Our 16 oz cocktail jars are a new take on the ever-expanding home cocktail experience. Our cocktail jars are handcrafted, filled with homemade dried ingredients, and citrus infused cane sugar.

Our Twisted Craft Cocktail Dispensers are perfect for a Holiday Get Together, a Summer BBQ, a Family Camping Trip, a Bridal Shower, Wedding or any party! Our Cocktail Dispensers come in a 1.5 gallon glass dispenser with wooden tops. To use, just pour 127oz of your choice spirits (or 5 fifths) into the dispenser. Place it into the refrigerator for 3 days to let the flavors infuse the spirits. Mix well, serve, and add your favorite mixers to make your cocktails! Each dispenser makes 85 cocktails using a standard 1.5oz pour. Each dispenser can be infused a second time for maximum value! It is best when used within 60 days.

Not sure which mix to pick?
Try our cocktail flight or instant cocktail flight

We know decisions can be tough. Grab a Cocktail Flight or Instant Cocktail Flight and try several flavors before committing.

We have all the tools
Cocktail accessories

We help make it even easier to make your twisted cocktails at home with these great accessories.

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What's in it?
High quality ingredients

We start with only the best dried fruits and bitters then handcraft our mixes for you to enjoy.

Lifting Spirits

Twisted Craft Cocktails were created to lift spirits with distinctive, delicious flavors you can enjoy at home!

126 E Main Street
Made in DeWitt, Michigan

Due to the high demand, in August of 2021 we purchased a shop in DeWitt where we proudly craft and sell our cocktail infusions.

We also can be found in over 67 stores throughout Michigan.

Besides Michigan, we now can be found in other stores across the country including; Wisconsin, Georgia, Massachuetts, Iowa, Missouri, Arizona, Nebraska, Alabama, Illinois, Virginia, Connecticut, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Washington, Texas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Maine, Oregon, Kansas, New Jersey, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, and Ohio.

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