Sangria Dispenser Refill Pouch

Sangria Dispenser Refill Pouch

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Love the product but already have your own dispenser? We have you covered with, the Sangria Dispenser Refill Pouch! These are great for birthday parties, graduation parties, BBQ's, girl's weekends, camping, bridal showers, weddings to name a few! 

INFUSE by adding dispenser refill & 4 bottles of red or white wine into your 1.2 gallon dispenser.

ENHANCE the flavors by refrigerating for a minimum of 3 days.

ENJOY by mixing well, pouring standard 5oz pour to enjoy your glass of Sangria!

Serving Size: 5 oz of Infused Wine

Servings: 20

May be infused up to 2 times! Best used within 60 days of infusion. 

Why Choose Our Cocktails?

Highest Quality

We use only the highest quality ingredients made to very exacting quality standards.


All of our jars are lovingly handcrafted by locals in our small community in Michigan.

Best Bang for the Buck

We work hard to be able to provide very high quality products at very competitive prices.

People Love Us!

In less than a year, our products are now carried in over 40 stores throughout the state of Michigan!

All from word of mouth! Thank you!

Our product isn't only in Michigan either. You can now also find our products in Wisconsin and Georgia!

Use our Store Locator link at the bottom of our page to find a store near you that sells Twisted Craft Cocktails!

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